Authorized reseller


Swedist is an exclusive distributor and authorized reseller of international products and services on the Swedish market.

With the help of a deep national network of sales channels and dedicated coworkers, we are able to effectively represent our clients. 

Swedist mainly focus in:

Workflow ➙
1. You have products and services
that you want to sell and promote in Sweden
2. Get in touch with us today
and describe exactly what you're looking for
3. We will discuss your needs
and sign a collaboration agreement
4. As your exclusive distributor
we'll promote and sell your brand in Sweden

Personal contact

Working with us means that you'll get unrestricted, unlimited access to the team actively working on your project. It gives you the ability to be much more involved in the operational decisions.

Competitive rates

Forget about the high commission other agencies charge. Your money will translate directly into quality! Working with Swedist is the perfect choice if you want to free up your budget for other expenses.

Flexibility and scalability

We deploy optimal teams, with far more aggregate experience than our competitors. We can scale up rapidly if needed, but will also proactively flex our team down depending on the circumstances.

Your success is our success

Since our founding, Swedist has been 100% committed to one thing - promoting the success of our clients. We understand that hard work and diligence yield big benefits, and that is precisely what we deliver for every client.
Expand your horizons

Make Swedist your authorized distributor in Sweden