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We help international clients navigate the Swedish business landscape. As consultants, we first take time to understand your company, your technology, and your corporate objectives completely. Then we can develop a winning strategy together for your operations in Sweden.
Sweden is a highly developed and lucrative country with endless opportunities – a perfect place to extend your global presence and explore new markets. Partner with us. We are ready and waiting to guide you all the way to business success. The solutions we offer will always be completely tailored to your unique needs.


Company establishment

Financial advice

Tax planning

Growth opportunities

Laws and regulations

Operational efficiency

Risk management

Office outsourcing

IT management

Market analyses

Brand awareness

Commercial industries

Comprehensive forecasts

Consumer products

Demographic trends

Market segmentation

Public opinion polls

Viability of products/services


Business information

Company reports

Data mining and extraction

Government archives

Investigative reports

Media monitoring

National statistical data

Recruitment and headhunting

Sales & Marketing

Sales, promotion and marketing of your products and services

Swedish domain, website and email

Company address in the capital city

Worldwide mail forwarding

National telephone number with call center

Customer support

Quick facts about Scandinavia

Forbes recently named Sweden, Denmark and Norway as the world’s best countries for doing business – a fertile ground for investors
Scandinavia has a nominal GDP per capita of $56,956 and the highest standard of living anywhere in the world
Scandinavia has the most advanced digital economies in Europe and the region’s most evolved cashless societies
The Global Competitiveness Index has ranked the Scandinavian countries as the world’s most competitive economies
Scandinavia is considered to be the most innovative EU region, with the highest number of patents per capita
It is considered to be better positioned than any other countries in the world to meet the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Let us promote your products and services in Sweden

Swedish customer service
A help desk is the first point of contact when your customers, or potential customers, need answers to their questions. It’s a crucial part of any successful business.
We will function as your company’s help desk for customers speaking Swedish – taking inbound calls, answering emails, providing useful technical assistance. Any questions about your products and services will be answered in a fast, effective and friendly manner.
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