Sustainable channels

Optimized distribution – a model for the future
From manufacturers to wholesalers to retailers, there are numerous processes that a product has to go through before it reaches the end consumer. Distribution in any industry plays a crucial role in enhancing the flow of processes. It determine the path goods take from the manufacturer to the final consumer.
The importance of product distribution lies within the role it plays in the delivery process. These roles benefit the manufacturers, retailers and end consumers alike. Swedist use several very effective distribution channels to sell our client’s products and services on the Swedish market. It’s the fluid throughout the life of our business.

Direct sales

Our professional sales team will contact potential customers and present your products and services in the best possible way, growing lasting business relationships.


Selling to retailers is a fantastic way to boost revenue, create brand awareness and build network connections. Getting your products into the retail sector via traditional retailers is a proven growth strategy.


Like retailers, wholesalers act as middlemen that buy products from manufacturers and then sell those goods to end users at an increased price point. The biggest differences between these business models are scale and audience.

Exclusive distribution

Under this business model, companies partner with a single wholesaler or retailer in a particular market. The idea is to restrict availability to protect brand equity and project a more selective and exclusive brand image.


With a webshop, localized and customized for a Swedish audience, we make your products available to a large pool of potential buyers, from wholesalers to end consumers, 24/7, all year around.
Warehouse management system
Our streamlined warehouse operations and transactions reduce errors, automate processes, and increase productivity.
For us, the power of our warehouse management system is in the WMS and shop floor data collection, the inventory management, the ability to deliver to a customer and to get things right.
Inventory management
Simplifies inventory processes with flexible item management, quality traceability, and robust replenishment to balance supply and demand.
Our cloud-based inventory management software makes it possible for us to keep up with today’s market. The powerful features empowers us to control system-wide inventory across geographically dispersed locations and drive inventory efficiency without losing sight of costs.
Order management
An integrated order management solution empowers us to streamline processes and make smarter, faster business decisions.
Client’s can place orders for both stock and non-stock items, manage item substitutions, create cross-sell and up-sell relationships, transfer stock between warehouses, and use barcoding for inventory movement.
Channels that fit your business objectives

How quickly do your goods need to reach the customers?