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By combining the efficiency of technology with our tradition of solid sales and marketing, Swedist provides customers with the best solutions for their needs.
Increasing in popularity across the world, Swedist works tirelessly to establish strong relationships and partnerships with international manufacturers, targeting new audiences and markets. With such experience in distribution, we aim to challenge the status quo of the industry by offering great prices for our customers, who can in turn grow their business with quality and competitive prices.
Having successfully provided so many different sectors with the products they need for so long, we offer a fully transparent and fair service that supports customers and businesses as much as possible. Our lines and office team is always on hand to assist with your journey with Swedist, from delivery information and export enquiries to information about our client’s products and services.
Core Values
Integral to everything we do


We always strive to do our best and offer an excellent service to our customers. We try to go above and beyond our commitments and actively seek opportunities to excel at what we do. As a result, we constantly ask ourself: Is there a better way to do this? We are always looking to improve our knowledge, skills, and attitudes so that we can achieve the highest possible excellence.


Integrity for us means treating everyone with the highest degree of respect and striving to live and act according to the highest standards of individual and organizational ethics. We seek to behave consistently, stick to our commitments, treat everyone equitably, and communicate openly and honestly, to prioritize confidentiality and ensure proper data protection.

Client Focus

We believe that if your main focus isn't directed towards the client's needs, goals and wishes, then all the other values are of no significance. Creating lasting business relationships is always at the forefront of what we do, by providing the highest level of customer experience. We strive always to deliver value through smart and innovative thinking.

Have Fun & Live Well

We also feel it’s important to retain a healthy sense of humor. Laughter makes work so much more enjoyable. We believe everybody performs best when they are happy and healthy. We try to maintain a workplace that enables us to enjoy our work, have fun with clients and colleagues, make healthy choices and have a good work-life balance.
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